Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bad Promoters?

Twitter. What can I say about twitter? There are spammers, promoters and attention whores. I am an attention whore to a certain degree. I get spams. There was one particular promoter for a rapper or dj. Not my cup of tea, and I may or may not have responded kindly to his tweet. However, that is not my case I wanted to make.

As a promoter for an inspire artist, this promoter responded not so professionally. As a promoter and/or artist, not everyone will respond well to art work. I am pretty sure that stating that my mommy and daddy want a boy as oppose to a "retard" with "small mind" as my "chinky eyes" and I look like the bitch from the Grudge won't help with good PR. I think my eyes are pretty big considering I've been told that and I think the bitch from the Grudge is pretty hot.

I'm sure the artist is pretty talented and I prob. responded badly out of annoyance but hey, I was just helping the promoter to gain thicker skin.

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