Friday, June 1, 2012

"Great love is wild and passionate and dangerous. It burns and consumes."

'love now while there still time'
There's a quote from this show that made me think about love, relationships and such. It goes, 'Great love is wild and passionate and dangerous. It burns and consumes.' It made me think that if love is pain, why do we try? If there's no pain or hate, will we know what love is? And why is great love hurt us the most? I think if you love someone, it shouldn't hurt. We hate what hurt us and if love hurts, do we hate love or we love hate? 

I hope I never become bitter over lost love. In some sense, I know that in every relationship, you have to go your separate ways. But if you go your separate ways on the theory of "If it's meant to be, it'll come back to you," does it mean you're giving up? I mean if you love something, you have to fight for it. And if you fail on fighting for it, at least you tried. If you succeed in fighting for something, at least you know you fought hard to keep what you love and you earned it. 

I feel like I'm guarded because I don't want to get hurt cause I know I will, yet try to enjoy what I have before it ends. But am I really enjoying it if I'm not fully embracing it?  Theres another quote that I found along a bridge in New Hope stating, "Love now while there's still time." But is there really time?

I'm a movie junkie. The Crow is one of my all time favorite. It's about a man who died after he witness his girlfriend/ fiancĂ©e raped and murdered. He comes back from the grave after an anniversary of their death and seek revenge after his death. The quote states, "Real love lives forever." 

So my thoughts are: is real love and great love different or the same? 

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